"Unique Cinematic Voice & Video"
Back Story
Long before Burt even conceived of becoming a voice-over artist and commercial producer, through an act of ALMIGHTY G-D, I caught a brief glimpse of my love and future profession.
My earliest recollection of cinema was on television. Our neighbors owned a Black & White television. Here I watched my first movie trailer of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". I listened to the voice-over and mesmerized by the fantastic masterful cinematography. I knew where I wanted to go - the movie theater. This was my first experience of a large screen and color! Life would never be the same.
My father's 8mm Sears Ted Williams movie camera was a good start. Using a film splicer, tape and eye loop, I edited away. Using a sharpie fine marker made "special effects". Finally, after hours of removing much of my "bad takes" and B-Roll, I broke out the Bell & Howell movie projector. Most of the movie was on the cutting room floor. Till this very day I know what dedication it takes to edit.
I decided to volunteer at the local cable studio where I met and befriended every employee inside and outside the studio. They taught me and my knowledge grew. In college I studied film and acting. I decided to switch majors after my first year.
When I got married, the "movie switch" turned on again. I was "back in the saddle". Big Time! I carried a Super Hi-8 video camera with me everywhere. On our honeymoon I filmed more than sixteen hours! I have over twenty five years of recorded video. Family, friends, coworkers remarked about my unique voice. "it's sounds like the voice overs of movie trailers". Many have said I should "consider that as my career". I'd routinely discount their suggestions and continued on my way. Then, one day it dawned on me. They were correct! My voice is my gift.
Logic finally prevailed. I researched audio & video equipment. I trained with a world renown vocal coach. At the same time attended a voice-overs school in the region. I credit my loving wife, Ronni, who allowed me to pursue my childhood dream. My parents have also been supportive. Cinematography is my first "love".
When we relocated to Star, I worked with the an advertising radio legend, Mr. "Jim H." and learned how to produce copy and commercials for clients. My thanks also to; Ms. Joan K., the world renown vocal coach who trained me. Legendary voice-over talents & Audio Engineers gave me their time and expertise along the way: Mr. Harlan H., Mr. Jay s. G., Dave N., Armadillo Dave and Billy G. just to name a few who helped me. Thank You. Thank You Very Much. Yours, Burt

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